1. Proprietary thermodynamic energy exchange algorithm engaged throughout the process
  2. Proprietary thermodynamic energy exchange algorithm engaged throughout the process
  3. Reclaimed energy utilized throughout the purification cycle, reducing the net power consumption to <1 kWh/m3

General principles
A water phase state change based technology desalination method leverages thermodynamic properties for capturing and redirecting the energy back into the production cycle. This energy exchange is enabled by a proprietary algorithm, which is engaged throughout the process

Two product outputs:
• Lightly mineralized soft water, ready for immediate human consumption
• A by-product of extracted raw salt that may be sold for further value-added processing 

Feed Water Intake
Automatic extraction of saline water as a result of a lower pressure within the unit.  In areas where the pipe would need to extend longer than 500 meters from the sea to the plant, an interim tank and water pump has to be incorporated. If the feed water is sourced from a well, an interim tank is needed to regulate the inflow volume 


Proprietary Design for Separating Salt and Water Molecules
A battery of 1.5-ton hermetically sealed separation modules are used for the feed water intake. A specific set of thermodynamic conditions is imposed on the incoming sea water to effectively split salt and water molecules. Separation modules are integrated in a “plug & play” fashion to seamlessly augment production capacity on-demand. This ability to add/remove separation modules on the fly ensures scalability, fault tolerance and redundancy 


Proprietary Concentration Solution

A proprietary, energy-neutral engineering solution is developed to capture and transfer fresh water into the concentration chamber. The concentration system is configured to accumulate the purified water and transport it through a dedicated special-purpose pipeline network. Prior to the start of the concentration cycle, evaporated solids (i.e., pure sea salt) gravitate towards the base of the separation chamber, which are subsequently removed for packaging and/or further value-add processing.